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Upholstery fabrics are very different than carpet fabrics and require special care and knowledge. In fact most upholstery fabrics used today are blends of natural and synthetic fibers. Cleaning solutions and methods have to be properly selected considering the fabric and dye characteristics.
ProAction Carpet Care provides a variety of cleaning methods and has the ability to successfully clean almost every type of furniture.
Over the years we developed the best cleaning method we call PCP which consists of preconditioning, cleaning and protecting.
Preconditioning include high efficiency vacuuming which will remove as much as 70% of all dirt found on the fabrics, and selected stain treatment allowing their extrusion from the fabric. Dye stabilizers may be added at this point depending on the fabric type and/or colorfastness.
With cleaning, all soil substances are physically removed from the fabric and fabric is rinsed. The low moisture method is recommended for most of the fabrics however in some cases dry solvent cleaning method is the only option.
Protecting fabric with stain blocker is suggested.


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