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Carpet Cleaning 
ProAction Carpet Care
has long experience in commercial and residential carpet cleaning.
We recommend regular maintenance programs for residential and commercial establishments to protect your investments and help to extend the carpet lifespan and better its appearance. These programs can be contracted after on-site evaluation, usually from our certified Textile Cleaner.
To suit our customers better ProAction Carpet Care offers flexible hours and weekend service as well as 24 hour emergency response.
We have state of the art equipment that is custom built to meet the most recent industry requirements and to provide the best service possible to our customers.
We can virtually clean every type of carpet making it look nearly new and stay fresh and clean for a longer time.
In most cases when the wet cleaning method is selected you will receive:
Pre-inspection and evaluation
Stain treatment
Power preconditioning
Hot water extraction
Fabric protector
Fabric pile redirection
Professional pre-inspection is the first step prior to every cleaning. Correct fiber identification is very important for good and proper cleaning.
Our highly trained and experienced carpet cleaning technician will run series of tests if necessary and then select the best solution for your case. Latest technology microscopic evaluation is provided to our customers at no extra cost.
After reviewing the inspection results and selected cleaning method our cleaning professional will pre-clean the areas thoroughly, using a high efficient vacuum to remove the loose dry soils from the carpet. Next our expert will precondition the carpet allowing enough dwell time for the cleaning solution to start working and may treat individual stains if necessary, than he will rinse and extract the carpet.
Our carpet cleaning technician will move and protect most furniture if requested.



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